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When a child has special emotional, mental health or behavioral needs, the family of that child is also affected. Success begins with involving parents and caregivers as full partners in their child's care.  To assist families in this process we provide: (Click on a topic below to learn more.)

Peer to Peer Support

Families receiving care management services through the Tri-County Care Management Organization (TCCMO) are eligible for peer support. Parents and caregivers are matched with specially trained Family Support Partners who understand what these families are experiencing and encourage their progress.

Our Family Support Partners are parents and caregivers of children with emotional, behavioral and/or mental health challenges. They have first-hand knowledge of the system. They can help families navigate the system because they have done it for their own children. Family Support Partners are there to make sure that the family voice is heard and the family vision is achieved.

We provide intensive, individual support to families at a place and time that is convenient for them. We attend meetings pertinent to the family and the child to give support to the parent and the family voice. We assist families during critical situations such as hospitalization or entering a residential facility.

Support Groups & Educational Presentations

We provide information to our families on an individual and group basis. We maintain an extensive library of resources and coordinate information sessions and support groups for ongoing training, problem-solving and networking.


We coach, assist and support families so that they can become more effective advocates in their schools and communities as well as with local agencies and other service providers and system partners. These systems include the Juvenile Justice System, the Division of Child Protection and Permanency (DCPP), the Mental Health System, Education and Medicaid. We also advocate for the family voice at the local, state and federal levels of government.

Local Support Groups & Workshops

In addition, the FSO provides the following support groups and workshops. Most are held on a regular basis, so be sure to check our Hunterdon·Somerset·Warren calendar for upcoming dates and times of the sessions you are interested in. You are more than welcome to attend as many of these groups as you would like.

Hunterdon · Somerset · Warren

Tough Choices

Tough Choices is an 8 week beyond anger management program for youth between the ages of 13-17 years old. With Tough Choices - Beyond Anger Management, youth can learn the tools necessary to become fully functional and mature adults. They can gain insight and practice skills needed to recognize a full range of emotions and behaviors and the skills to express them productively.

Youth Partnership

The Youth Partnership serves teenagers and young adults 13-21 years of age with emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. Individuals must reside in Hunterdon, Somerset, Warren counties and commit to weekly meetings and activities, under the guidance of our Youth Partnership Coaches. Please contact the FSO at (908) 223-1191 for more information.

FSO Discussion Groups

Caregivers of all types (Parents, Foster Parents, Adoptive Parents, Step-Parents, Guardians, etc.) are welcome to join us at our discussion groups. Along with providing mutual support, we will as a group decide on speakers we would like to hear and subjects we would like to learn more about as well as enjoyable activities we would like to pursue.

Educational Workshops

Stress Management

Money Management

Parenting Series

SPAN (Statewide Parent Advocacy Network)

Empowering Parents Series

A Two Part Series

With Dr. Buzz Mingin (Representing Montgomery Academy of Basking Ridge)

Parents will learn to:

-Increase knowledge of your child’s abilities and disabilities
-Gain confidence in your home management and parenting
-Feel empowered to change their home from crisis to structure

February 17th and March 17th, 2015 6:00pm-8:00pm

Family Support Organization– HSW
315 W. Washington Ave,
Community Center, Suite 5
Washington, NJ

To register, please call 908-223-1191.

Dr. Buzz is a recognized national speaker specializing in children and adolescents with Behavioral and Emotional Disorders. He has several published books, is the president of Buzz's Bookworm, Inc., a comprehensive support center for students with behavioral and emotional afflictions, and the director of World Karate Studio, a comprehensive martial arts program that teaches social skills and behavioral management to disabled children and adolescents.

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