Purpose: Family Support Partners provide support, education and advocacy for primary caregivers parenting children and youth with emotional, developmental, mental, behavioral and substance abuse needs.


• Support the growth of families involved with the CMO by ensuring fidelity to FSO model (Support, Education and Advocacy) including implementation of Family Assessment of Needs and Strengths and documentation in Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) and completion of Family Support Certification 

• Support the development of the Child-Family Team through engagement of informal and natural supports 

• Demonstrate empathy and compassion through active listening of families’ needs 

• Participate in Child-Family Teams and other meetings as needed to ensure family has support through process 

• Support Supervisor as needed 

• Provide information on System of Care and parenting a child with needs 

• Engage CMO families in educational workshops and training opportunities for families in partnership with Outreach Specialist 

• Educate CMO and other partners on the needs of families and strategies to increase family leadership and family-driven care 

• Engage CMO, families and youth in learning about FSO services and supports including Youth Partnership

• Challenge stigma by partnering with the CMO to ensure Care Management process is based on the Wraparound Model emphasizing family-driven and culturally competent care 

• Model advocacy skills for families within the Child-Family Team and other meetings 

• Promote family leadership within Child-Family Teams and other team meetings through partnership with Care Managers and 
other direct service workers 

• Develop advocacy skills of families by providing resources and preparation for meetings Skills 

• Must have personal experience as a parent/caregiver of a child or youth with behavioral health needs 

• Must have demonstrated success navigating New Jersey’s child-serving systems 

• Must have excellent interpersonal skills 

• Must have valid New Jersey driver’s license with excellent driving record and reliable transportation 

• Hours: Flexible with the possibility of working some evenings 

Please email cover letter and resume to: info@fso-hsw.org