Congratulations to the winners of the Poetry Contest: Kayla P. (Adult Submission) and Katie Trujillo. Thank you to everyone for your wonderful submissions, which are listed below. Please note, names may have been removed for privacy.

Look around can’t you see 
Is this the way life should be
I do not believe that we don’t care
Could it be that we don’t share
Sharing you say what can you give
Give of yourself that is how we all should live
Give the kindness you would like to receive 
And in others always believe
By: Anonymous

What does FSO mean to your heart?

Optimism for Opportunities


I am hoping you all are well!

By: Anonymous

“Over the past month, Scott began to develop a Tribute to the Class of 2020 that came from some initial thoughts of a poem. It evolved from there with the intention to give the graduates a video memory of their time in the Hillsborough District. I started teasing it on Fathers Day with a preliminary rhyme. That was followed by part 2 the next day and then the final rhyme on Thursday, with the poem and video links.

I tried to include a lot of positivity, despite the devastating loss of their 2nd semester of senior year. I also included a variety of subtleties and double meanings throughout. The 3 messages and links are below. It was created for the Class of 2020, but with the intention that its message can be shared with whomever would appreciate or benefit from it, so feel free to do so.

I am hoping that this video gives Hillsborough Township & School District a sense of pride, empathy for this 2020 class, and positive feelings going forward. If it gives any of those things to others outside of Hillsborough, all the better.

A Riddle and a Rhyme from Father’s Day
Father’s Day is today,
but this weeks Not empty.
There’ll be Tributes and Memories, and Rhymes aplenty.
At Military time, Thursday, 20:20.

Riddle & Rhyme, Part 2
A verse from Seeing 2020:
A Tribute to the Hillsborough Class of 2020……
Come with me on a Trip through Time,
From K through 12 in the form of a Rhyme.
A link will come soon,
In just a matter of time.
Congratulations Hillsborough Class of 2020!

Final Riddle
Greetings, one last time,
Seeing 2020 in mind,
It’s time to rewind,
On a Journey through Time.
Now, here’s your Rhyme……. 🎓

Video 👨‍🎓

Poem 👩‍🎓…/seeing-2020-a-tribute-to-…

A Tribute to the Hillsborough Class of 2020
By: Scott Laifer

Home Sweet Home?

Family everywhere I look.
Can I just hide and curl up with a book?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner to cook.
Where can I go where no one will look?

Longing for any excuse to run.
All this togetherness—I’m done.

Only four walls for staring.
I find my loneliness even more glaring.

Months have gone by.
Not sure how much longer I can try.

How lovely to go out to eat.
What fun it will be to finally meet.

How I long to go for a ride.
Please open up so we can go outside.

By: Laurie Braman